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„Martin doesn’t like acting, doesn’t like representing. He likes feeling, likes being. There’s enormous technique at play in his work. He can do almost anything and imagine himself into almost any situation and then, with enormous delicacy, present it for the camera. It’s so difficult to analyze how Martin Freeman works, but he’s better than most of us…”  

                                (Ian McKellen talks about Martin Freeman)

Martin Freeman for Esquire

“On set Martin [Freeman] kept saying, ‘Oh yeah, you went to fucking Hogwarts, didn’t you?’.” — Benedict Cumberbatch, talking about his boarding school education. (via capngeech)

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What was the worst character you ever played in a Nativity or Christmas play at school?


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Martin Freeman | Who Do You Think You Are?

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If I could get bands to come and play in my house, I’d like that. I’ve never been to a festival. I’m a creature of habit, mashed-potato comfort, I like rugs. Our sofa’s squishy. Maybe too squishy - it’s hard to get up sometimes.- MF

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Before going out to meet the press

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There’s a fella once, running for a train, and he’s carrying a pair of gloves, this man. He drops a glove on the platform, but he doesn’t notice. And then later on, inside the train, he’s sitting by the window and he realises that he’s just got this one glove left. But the train’s already started pulling out of the station. So what does he do? He opens the window and he drops the other glove onto the platform. That way, whoever finds the first glove, can just have the pair. 

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Hey martinfreefan, look what “John” brought for you ;)

so this is Ain and she is the sweetest person. i’ve been sick the past few days and she drew me my favorite comfort food…from john! so cute!

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the one fixed point in a changing age

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john watson + flirty face

The love in his eyes just guts me. 

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Martin Freeman and his amazing performing face.

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