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Sherlock AU where John runs a lighthouse.
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Martin Freeman as Lester Nygaard in Fargo 1×02


New trailer for Fargo episode 3 “A Muddy Road” (X)

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- Sherlock won’t end like Sex and the City - but how will it end?

- Martin Freeman Teases ‘Fantastic And Mouth Watering Idea’ For New Series Of Sherlock(

Martin Freeman is on @chattyman this Friday @channel4 10pm! 

Can’t wait!


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Martin having a cuppa

Anonymous asked: I feel guilty about reblogging so much of Martin. Am I in the wrong as a fan? I'm not a stalker, I would like him to have the privacy he wants and deserves.

Obviously I’m a bit biased because my blog is entirely Martin Freeman, but I don’t think you’re in the wrong at all. In my opinion, tumblr is a niche space for fans to interact with one another based on shared interests…it’s doubtful that Martin ever makes it to this corner of the internet, and when he does, it’s full of people who adore him without getting into his personal space. Sounds okay to me. 

I make the personal decision to not reblog pictures of him with Amanda, and especially not with his kids. His personal life should be just for him, but the things he chooses to put out there (press, photoshoots, interviews) are for the fans. 

Not gonna lie, this article has made me think twice as to whether I’d approach him if I saw him in person. But maybe that’s a boundary he’d like to keep between himself and his fans in the “real world”. When it comes to his work and what he chooses to put out there on the internet, I think we as fans have the privilege to love these things and to share them with one another.

Anonymous asked: Why are all the magazines trying to make martin sounds like an awful asshole?

I don’t think all the magazines are conveying that. This Entertainment Weekly article has decided to paint the portrait of Martin Freeman as an arrogant well of pent up bitterness. Does that make him an awful asshole? I don’t think so. I think it makes him human, and it puts into context his recent contact with the press about despising the typecast role of the ‘everyman’. I think the article was trying to give a voice to the very real idea that Martin is not an everyman. This article puts somewhat of a wall between Martin and his fans because he seems to believe that privacy and space are courtesies that other actors are afforded, but due to his perceived approachability, he can’t fly under the radar the way he would prefer to. He deserves that space, so this article may be doing him a favor in that respect.

I can see how after reading this, people might feel defensive for Martin because this article casts him in an unfavorable light. I prefer to take it as the author giving Martin a way out of his current “friendly, approachable, everyman” pigeonhole. The question is whether this article successfully accomplished that without putting him in another box.



Martin Freeman does not want to be your friend*
*but he thanks you for all the support. Really.


alright I guess I’m going to have to try really hard not to pee my pants when the new Entertainment Weekly gets here



Entertainment WEEKLY

That first pic. I like it. Immensely.


happy martin^^