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East of Eden, John Steinbeck

Sherlock AU where John runs a lighthouse.
Arcade Fire [Reflektor]

Rocky Votolato [Television of Saints]

Broken Bells [Self-titled]

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Martin Freeman as Lester Nygaard in Fargo 1×01

(the myers-briggs series)

THE DEFENDER: ISFJs project their energy inward; they’re deliberate and private, usually have a small circle of close friends, and are concrete, realistic, and practical. They make their decisions with their hearts, are gentle and empathetic, and get satisfaction from closure. ISFJs are often described as loyal, service-oriented, kind, disciplined, sensitive, warm, humorous, and affirming. They define love in terms of caring and support, cherish deep connections and lifelong friendships, and can be counted on through thick and thin. They feel a great sense of responsibility to their jobs and work well when they know what is expected of them. Good career matches for ISFJs could be military service or a medical doctor. (x)

Martin Freeman talks about Lester Nygaard’s adeptness at lying over the course of Fargo.

Via Entertainment Weekly: ‘Fargo’ premiere—Martin Freeman talks THAT scene

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Is Lester a good liar? Does he become a better one?”

"Yeah, he gets good at it. I think at first he’s kind of like Walter White — all of his actions are out of necessity. It’s like a wounded animal, a hunted animal, and then actually he starts to get good at it and enjoy it. You see that in the run of the 10 episodes, that the impetus changes from just survival, like, “I’m just doing the absolute bare minimum of what I need to do to survive,” to he starts slightly going out of his way [to perpetuate his lies]. And he gets good at it, and he starts to become more of a game player — and that’s f—ing great to play. It’s fascinating to watch and to play, ’cause you’re reading the scripts and you’re going, “I can’t wait, I can’t wait to do that.” Yeah, he does get good at it. ❞

Mark Gatiss and Martin Freeman, at the Olivier Awards — April 13, 2014


Martin Freeman in Svengali

BACKSTAGE AT THE OLIVIERS: Presenter Martin Freeman peeks on stage from the wings (x)


Martin Freeman talks to Mark Radcliffe(

Mark is joined by actor Martin Freeman, who talks about his latest television project, Fargo.

Anonymous asked: Do you have ANY working link I can us to watch Fargos first episode?

This link is currently working for me! :)

So yeah I’m basically a blog dedicated to Martin Freeman’s clavicle now

letsplaymurder replied to your post “I was wondering if you know how often Fargo episodes will be released? like, when the next will come? just so I know when to start looking”
do you know if it will come to the UK?
Fargo will air in the UK on April 20th at 9pm on BBC 4 as confirmed here :)


in what universe would you see this gif and be like “that’s probably martin freeman”