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Martin Freeman + Sitting down Adorably.
I love how he touches holds his hands/touches his finger nails.

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Martin Freeman doing stage door on 26.09.14, part 2 (1, 3)

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"Nurse, press here – hard."
"Yeah, I’m making do. Keep pressure on that wound."

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Just some John Watson edits.


"get Sherlock"

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Martin Freeman and Ross Marron @  last day of Richard III,  Trafalgar  studio (x)

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Captain John Hamish Watson - still not gay (x)

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"With all sorts of actors, especially more sort of high profile actors, you’re never sure how they’re gonna take to the whole life casting, make-up application— especially big sort of goofy numbers like a broken head and a football stuck on top. But [Martin’s] been fantastic through out, he’s really bought into it."

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how to make me cry in 5 seconds

  1. play the 4 notes from john’s theme

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6 away from my next thousand

*vibrates intensely*